Welcome to ETMUN'19!

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Guests,

Welcome to the 1st ever session of ETMUN! My name is Kaan Kaan, and it is with my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the 1st English Time’s Model United Nations Conference. I still remember my first MUN conference when I was 13, it was one of the best experiences I had in my short-term life that pursued me to continue attending to more mun conferences and it is my aim to bringing the beginner and also experienced delegates that feeling I felt when I was 13. As being Secretary-General of ETMUN’19 I’d like to express that our academic team continuously spent and still spending countless hours dedicated to providing a prestigious academic experience of Model UN, making new branches about our current affairs, and encouraging our delegates to think critically to resolve the complex citations that we are facing today. Now, after a long process of recruitment and team structure, my team and I are all excited to host first ETMUN conference at one of the most gorgeous cities in Turkey, Antalya.

Analyzing from other conferences I strive my team in achieving three main visions for ETMUN’19: a high-quality academic atmosphere to both beginner and experienced delegates, a strong conference rooted in Southern region of Turkey, and empowering, co-operative experience for all.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for ETMUN and I truly hope to see you all in October! 




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